Insurance Coverages 

Is your home inspector insured?

One of the most important items to investigate when selecting a home inspector is the insurance coverage the inspection company has in place.

A General Liability policy is the basic and bare minimum policy that any company should have.  This policy covers any physical damage that may accidentally happen during an inspection.  For example, breaking a window or knocking over a vase.

Another important policy that a home inspection company should have in place is an Errors and Omissions (E&O) policy.  This professional liability insurance is in place to cover any mistakes or oversights in the inspection.  This is vitally important since our clients and customers are relying on our experience and professional opinion when purchasing a property.

PCA Inspections has both General Liability and E&O coverage. As an added plus, and something no other Bay Area inspection company offers, PCA Inspections adds the referring agent as an additional insured under our policy.  We feel that the agent should not be liable for any of our work.