Roof Inspection


The condition of a roof is usually of concern for most home owners and home buyers.  PCA Inspections performs a thorough roof inspection the gives our clients peace of mind and a plan for the future.  Even the smallest roof leak can cost thousands of dollars in damage and aggravate any home owner or home buyer.  A roof inspection is the most cost effective way to get an objective opinion on the condition of the roof and prevent future problems.

Our roof inspections includes an 18 Point Inspection the roof; and roof systems; a roof inspection report with photos; a Home Owner’s Maintenance Checklist, and a 5 Year Roof Warranty.   Our roof inspectors are able to make roof design recommendations and cost estimates for repairing and/or replacing the roof.

18 Point Roof Inspection

  1. Roof Surface Condition
  2. Type of roofing material and Expected Life Span
  3. Roof Pitch
  4. Approximate roof surface area
  5. Step Flashing
  6. Drip Edge Flashing
  7. Rack Edge Flashing
  8. Head Wall Flashing
  9. Skylight Flashing
  10. Plumbing Vent Flashing
  11. Air & Appliance Vent Flashing
  12. Kickout Flashing
  13. Chimney Flashing
  14. Surface Drainage
  15. Gutters Drainage & Sizing
  16. Downspout
  17. Attic and Roof Structure
  18. Roof Appliances



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